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About Us

Leziz Kitchen is a family restaurant where our guests meet with Turkish specialties in a warm and relaxing atmosphere. Our main goal is to treat our guests with hospitality, caring service, and commitment to turn their experience into a pleasant and memorable memory.

Chef Selda Oncel


She had several degrees in business administration in Turkey, but never really felt fulfilled until she started her Food and Beverage education at George Brown College.

She has visited more than 30 countries to learn and taste different cuisines and loves bringing her diverse experience to tables for special occasions. Nothing makes her happier than a table full of people eating, enjoying life, and sharing an experience, so she is making this the heart of her restaurant and also her new catering brand — Selda’s Feast – Food that brings people together.


Chef Cenk Oncel


He is a dedicated chef and restaurateur. He gained an understanding of Turkish cuisine early in life because his mother was a great cook and famous for her meat dishes.

Cenk has held several senior positions in the hospitality industry in England. He acknowledges that it takes a lot of hard work and passion when it comes to the food industry. That is why he committed much of his energy to improve the image of Turkish cuisine in Canada with his delicious recipes.



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